On this page you will find the explanation about this website - the galleries, their content and the images.


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Most of the images I use on this site come from group share or are collected over the years from Internet, or are sent to me by good friends. If the image is from a tube or mist from group share, the name of the creator of the tube or mist is mentioned wherever possible. (See the link page for the groups I am in.)
The original artist of the image, however, is often unknown. In that case, I can only credit the person who tubed or misted the image. I don't want to infringe on any copyright. So if you see an image that is originally yours, please contact me about it and I will either give proper credit or remove it.


The Galleries:


The Muse is a collection of quotes - inspirational, meaningful or just funny!

Adornment is a page with printables: writing paper, bookmarkers and little cards to print out. The writing paper you can print out on regular printing paper (save to your computer first; you may need to adjust the printing size on your printer); the bookmarkers and cards or gift tags look best printed out on glossy photo paper. Click on the preview, the printable will open full size in a new screen. Right click and save to your computer, or select 'print'. If you are a member you can have all those items personalized! (See info below).

Rhapsody is a collection of  Wav files and  Midi files. Save them to your desktop. From there you can add them to your IncrediMail style box. Please note that the Wavs are heavy - a lot more Kb than Midi files.

Veni Vidi Vici is  the tutorial section. One section for IncrediMail tips and tricks and  IncrediMail Letter Creator tutorials.
The other section is for PSP tips, tricks and tuts. If you have any requests to learn specific tricks about PSP, don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will see if I can make a tut for you.


The other 5 galleries are with letters for IncrediMail. Click the image, which is linked to the letter: the letter will automatically download into your IncrediMail style box.
If you don't have this e-mail client please click here and try it!

Persephone is about mystical beauty

The Shadow Cabinet is pure gothic

Illusion is fantasy

Charm is well....charming!

Nightshade is adult! Mind you, no porn! But adult though....



Many of my letters have matching tags, most of them animated. You can get those with your name on, on request, through the members page.


As a member you can also request personalized writing paper, bookmarkers, note cards etc. from the Adornment Page.
Personalized Adornment
I am working on this Personalized Adornment page, there will be more and different tags, post cards which can be personalized with a requested name on etc.


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