Tip 1:  It is good e-mail etiquette when forwarding an e-mail, to delete all the addresses that have come with the e-mail, including the sender.
                This way the addresses can't be abused when e-mails get sent around to goodness knows where.

Tip 2:  When you get a virus warning, it usually is a hoax. To find out about the nature of the warning,
                go to http://www.snopes.com to check the validity of it. Type in their search option the name of the virus,
                they will show you origins and articles about it.
                (The same goes for all types of e-mails you are asked to forward to as many people as you know).
                Checking it before forwarding such e-mails saves a lot of fear and panic ;)))

Tip 3:  An unexpected way of removing the loudspeaker from your e-mail after inserting music: -right click the music you want to insert,
                then choose "play background sound", right click again and choose "play background sound in loop",
                then click on "no sound" at the top of your style box. The loudspeaker will disappear but the music remains.

Tip 4:  IncrediMail is designed to download and send Midi music files. But you can send Wav files too: save them to your desktop,
                 right click on the file and choose "add animation to Style Box".


How to make letters in IncrediMail Letter Creator.



The basics of making a letter with header.




The basics of making a side image letter, scrolling.




The basics of making a side image letter, still.


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