* Use a program like Paintshop Pro to make the images to use for letters. Since I only use PSP all examples are made with this program.
* The most commonly used screen resolution is 1024 x 768, but some people still have resolution 800 x 600 although not often anymore, and others have the newer 1280 x 1024. The tuts are designed for 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024.
* The image should not be wider than 350 pixels otherwise it will take up too much space on the letter. It also should not be higher than 670 pixels: it will be too high for the regular screen size to view with having to scroll.


1. Open the image you want to use in PSP (Paintshop Pro) or download this mist by Kat which I used here.


2. Measure the height of the image by clicking IMAGE > RESIZE > :on the screen that appears it tells you the "original dimensions" at the top. -The height of this image is 497 pixels.
Note: the image shouldn't be higher than 670 pixels, otherwise it won't fit on the screen.
If it is higher you have to size it down.

3. Open a "NEW IMAGE" with the height you measured of your image, and width 1280,
image characteristics RASTER BACKGROUND >  TRANSPARANT.
-so if you use Kat's image your NEW IMAGE is 1280 x 497

4. Fill this background image with a color that matches the image.
-I used a light -off white- color to go with Kat's image.

5. Put your cursor on the image, right click and choose COPY, put your cursor on the NEW IMAGE and right click again: choose PASTE AS NEW SELECTION
The image will "stick" to your cursor: position the image on the left hand side of the background and click again so it will be put there.


Your basic letter is ready now and should look something like this:

Think of a name you want to give to your letter. I call this one for instance Wood Elve.

7. Save the background with the name of the letter in it, like Wood Elve Background.


1. Click BODY > IMAGE, (marked in red 1. and 2.) go to the folder where you saved the background, click it. It will be inserted.
Now, very important, so don't forget ;))): Click TILE (marked in red 3.)

2. The text has to be adjusted: the color of the text TEXT COLOR (marked red 1, the color of the link LINK COLOR (marked red 2.) and the settings, MARGINS > LEFT (marked red 4.) Increase the number until you can see the text is next to the image, not over it anymore.
With the sample tool you can go over the image, you will see the color of the text change when you go over the image with the sample tool (marked red 1.) Click when you are satisfied with the color. Do the same with the link color, this will change the colors of the text in your address bar. Otherwise that remains this bright blue ;)

Now the last part..... the footer, very important.
In the footer you can credit the creator of the image, like Kat in this example, and you can put your own name on it as well.

1. Go to FOOTER.

2. Next to where you can choose the font, and font size, you can change the position of the footer. (Next to the U . marked in red 1.)
 I usually choose middle or right. Which ever you prefer ;)

3. Type the name of the image creator, and your own name like in the example below. (Marked in red 2.)
Or: make a footer in PSP with text, like a little image, save as Wood Elve Footer and insert in LC by clicking IMAGE, find the location where you saved the footer, click to insert (marked in red 3.)

4. You can link the footer to your website or to your e-mail address.
SELECT the text or inserted footer image.
The text you select by dragging your cursor over it, an image you select by clicking on it.

5. Then click LINK (marked in red 4.)
 Now you can choose to type in the address of your website or your e-mail in the little screen which appears.

6. Go to 3D EFFECTS and choose an effect for sending and receiving the letter if you wish to do so.

7. Go to FINISH and give your letter a name, like I named this letter Wood Elve.

8. Choose an existing collection name or make a new one.

9. Type in the credits if you wish to do so: like your website or e-mail address. This will show up in the style box of the receiver of the letter, down on the left hand side.

(You can also choose to SAVE PROJECT too: you can save it into a Letter Creator folder so you can alter it later if you want or anything like that.)

Go to your style box, open the new letter and send it to yourself to see if all is okay.

If it is: congratulations!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tut, and I hope it is of some use to you.

With love,


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